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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 8 1999 2:51pm
Subject:mysqld.exe service priority
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>>>>> "Vladimir" == Vladimir N Goida <VGoida@stripped>
> writes:

Vladimir> Hi.
Vladimir> Innocently quest about 3.21.29 version
Vladimir> When I prefer to run mysqld.exe as a nt service, are there some 3D animated
Vladimir> button to set low priority for service process

Vladimir> The problem is that:
Vladimir> extra super puper administrator can not access to any service process

Vladimir> There are no problem to put mysqld.exe into startup folder and run it with
Vladimir> low prioriry as user process.
Vladimir> Its looks like
Vladimir> cmd.exe /c start /low /min c:\mysql\bin\mysqld.exe

Vladimir> So, What about service?


Sorry, but for the moment you can't change the priority of the MySQL

mysqld.exe service priorityVladimir N. Goida8 Aug
  • mysqld.exe service priorityMichael Widenius8 Aug