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From:Peter WR Date:August 6 1999 12:09am
Subject:Re: Newbie question...installing on NT
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Hi Michael,

Very short ... (depending on, if You runs into problems) ...

- in c:\mysql\data\ create a directory ex. "mytest"
- this is Your database (there is actually a directory "test" also)

- set up the MyODBC driver to point to "mytest"
- parameter ex. myodbctest - localhost - mytest - - - 3306 (port)

There are a number of GUI tools available for MySQL (links from , and the most advanced is from   and, their program have all functions for
easy GUI maintenance via selectable menus. There are also other GUI tolls
avilable, but mainly based on maintenace of tables via SQL commands only.

Best regards

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Subject: Newbie question...installing on NT

>Can someone point me in the direction of some directions on how to get
>MySQL working under WinNT 4.0? I have found plenty of directions for *nix,
>but nada for NT.
>I have downloaded the shareware version and installed it via the setup
>program, but now what?
>Thanks for any pointers...
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Newbie question...installing on NTMichael J. Davis6 Aug
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