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From:Christian Mack Date:August 4 1999 7:25pm
Subject:Re: Multiple Queries
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Paul Schranz wrote:
> Dear Mysql users,
> I am using the Mysql version Ver 6.8 Distrib 3.21.29a-gamma for Win95.
> I am also using the twz1jdbcForMysql JDBC driver from Terrence W.
> Zellers.  Does this version of Mysql support multiple queries?  The
> driver is initialized to handle multiple queries, but my ResultSets are
> causing exceptions after I retreive a new ResultSet.
> Paul

Hi Paul

Multiple simultanious queries over one connection are not supported by mysql, but the 
JDBC driver should handle this nicely.
I have used this myself with twz and mm drivers.

What exact Exception do you get (stackTrace)?
Perhaps a Java code snippet would help too.


Multiple QueriesPaul Schranz4 Aug
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