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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 2 1999 7:47pm
Subject:Help me! Please, please, please...
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>>>>> "mandolin" == mandolin godfighter <mandolin777@stripped>
> writes:

mandolin> OBS!!! Don't let the large amount of text in this mail scare you. Thanks!
mandolin> Hi everyone, I'm trying to learn how to use MySql. I am, however and 
mandolin> unfortunately, far from reaching this goal.
mandolin> I have a couple of questions, I guess you people look upon those questions 
mandolin> as pathetic, but I really need the help, so please be kind and answer them, 
mandolin> thanks!

mandolin> 1) When I open the MySqlManager, a window appears, the title of this window 
mandolin> is MySqlM1. In this window, two folders exist, the name of the folders are 
mandolin> "Test" and "MySql". My built-in logic suggests that each one of those 
mandolin> folders represent a SQL server, am I right? However, my problem is this: 
mandolin> when I change the properties of one of the folders, for example, if I set 
mandolin> the host of the mySQL folder to And after this saves the 
mandolin> MySqlM1 file (using, believe it or not, the save command under the file 
mandolin> menu), then one would think that the host of the "MySql folder" (in the 
mandolin> MySqlM1 file) would be the next time one opens the MySqlManager,
mandolin> but no! In short: The changes I do don't seem to be saved, can someone 
mandolin> please tell me, what's the problem?


Sorry, but for the moment I don't think you can save options for
MySQLManager.  We hope that the new MySQL client that will be released
very shortly (read hours, check will
replease MySQLManager as no one is doing any development on

mandolin> 2) On my local network I use TCP/IP, "my" PC has the IP, this is
mandolin> the same PC on which the MySQL server is located. As I explained in my first
mandolin> question, I can't save any settings in the MySqlManager. However, even if I 
mandolin> use the default settings, in which "host" seems to be "localhost", the 
mandolin> Windows ODBC setup program (or whatever it is) can't find the SQL server 
mandolin> anyway. Exactly, how, step by step shall I use the ODBC setup (in Windows) 
mandolin> to make the MySql server, work?

MySQLManager doesn't use ODBC.  Have you installed MyODBC ?

mandolin> Please, please, please help me. And even if you're to "lazy" (no offence) to
mandolin> answer the question(s), you can at least tell me where I can find the 
mandolin> information I need to solve my problems (that is; if <em>you</em>
> know where 
mandolin> to find it)

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