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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 2 1999 1:35am
Subject:Re: MySQL C API win32 CGI under NT problems
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>>>>> "Lew" == Lew Barnesson <lewb@stripped> writes:

Lew> Hi Peter,
Lew> Thanks for the answer. I'll answer your points below.
Lew> Many thanks,  -Lew
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Lew> From: Peter Carter <peterc@stripped>
Lew> To: Lew Barnesson <lewb@stripped>
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Lew> Sent: Monday, July 26, 1999 5:15 PM
Lew> Subject: Re: MySQL C API win32 CGI under NT problems

>> At 12:25 PM 7/26/99 -0700, you wrote:
>> >Hi Peter,
>> >Many thanks for your answer! However, as I say in the next-to-last
Lew> paragraph
>> >of my email, I AM USING THE C API, NOT ODBC, and am not using ADO or
Lew> such.
>> >Just vanilla API calls like mysql_query, etc. Als0 please note (as stated
>> >earlier) that this system runs without problem on my development server
Lew> and
>> >the first server where I tried a test install. So I really don't have any
>> >reason to use a DSN, and don't understand why IIS would think so. Please
>> >correct me if I'm wrong. Would appreciate further comment, as I'm
Lew> baffled.
>> >Thanks, -Lew
>> You mean I wasted a big bag of wind while standing on my soap box ;)
Lew> No way. Your advice is much appreciated.
>> The only other thing, I can think of would be connectivity issues. Did you
>> try 'mysql' client from that machine to your db server?

Lew> Yes, works properly.

>> Is reverse DNS implemented there?

Lew> NO on my development server (not connected to a network). YES to the other
Lew> two servers, one of which is running my CGI system properly, the other which
Lew> fails.

Lew> Thanks again. I'm still investigating.


Try using the debug/libmysqlclient.lib;  Just set the environment
variable MYSQL_DEBUG to d:t:o,\\temp\mysqld.trace in your environment
to force a trace file!

The trace file may contain something that may be useful!

How do you connect to 'mysql';  With 'localhost' or 'your-hostname' ?
'localhost' will use NT sockets while 'your-hostname' will require
TCP/IP and will need DNS to resolve the hostname.

Do you have TCP/IP installed?
Have you tried to put your hostname in the \nt\hosts file (or
something like that)

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