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From:Michael Widenius Date:August 1 1999 10:04pm
Subject:Software Version?
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>>>>> "Flowers," == Flowers, Woodrow <wflow@stripped> writes:

Flowers,> - I have a Windows 95 based system on which I set up Websites, but I am
Flowers,> setting this up to be used on a UNIX based server for my hosting.  Which
Flowers,> version do I need, or do I need both? 

Flowers,> Woodrow Flowers
Flowers,> Network Technology Specialist - EHC
Flowers,> WFlow@stripped/ ph# (972) 915-5694


You need a MySQL server for the Unix version and probably the MyODBC
driver for Win32 and the MySQL clients for Win32.

You can find all of the above at

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