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From:Peter Carter Date:July 26 1999 7:20am
Subject:Re: MySQL C API win32 CGI under NT problems
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Sounds like your odbc drivers are out-of-sync. This happens when you run
the MySQL ODBC installer (or another from some other source) or you install
the latest ADO installer without logging in (runs a post setup installer).
This is a common trap when building a new machine.

Anyway, the cure is to run the installer for the ado package you have and
log in (at least once) on that machine.

At 03:43 PM 7/24/99 -0700, you wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a largish (46 programs) CGI system running under NT4.0 w/SP4,
>IIS4.0. It runs very well on the first server it was installed on
> (http://www/ It also runs well on the development server
>using NT4.0. SP3, IIS 3.0.
> I set up a new development server that (hopefully) mirrored
>(http://www/ Eight of  the programs ran correctly, while
>all of the rest failed with http error 502 (Bad Gateway). Also, all attempts
>to replicate the system (http://www/ to other similar
>production servers have failed with the same error 502. In all cases
>built-in traces have definitely shown that the failed programs were *never
> Now the interesting part: *All* of the successfully executed programs *did
>not use* the MySQL C API , while *all* of the failed programs *did use
> I KNOW that this is NOT an MySQL problem because the failed programs *were
>never executed* (and they all run correctly on the first server
> MS IIS 4 Is evidently getting confused (to put it nicely), and I don't have
>a solution yet.
> Can someone explain to me how IIS seems to know that the program is using
>MySQL? The programs are not executed, and I can't find any symbols in the
>linker's MAP file that would tell it.. But I found an article in the MSDN
>database that talks about a CGI failing with a 502 (and like mine returning
>a CGI Error) needing a DSN for the database it was using. BUT I'M NOT USING
>ODBC so shouldn't need a DSN (but then, I know very little about ODBC).
> Help, anybody.
> Thanks, -Lew
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