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From:Peter Carter Date:May 8 2000 2:37am
Subject:Re: A challenge !
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on 5/7/00 6:10 PM, Chris Mallett at chrismallett@stripped wrote:

> hi there,
> I have been set a bit of challenge. Here's what I need to do:
> 1.. Use Active Server Pages so that people who register their
> interests on my site get written to a MySQL database on my web host
> server without duplicate entries.
> 2.. Apparently, according to my web hosts, I can create the database
> in Access 97/2000 and upload it to their server where it will be
> converted to MySQL.
> 3.. We will hold a copy of the database in Access on our home
> computer, but we need to be able to download recent additions to the
> database from the web server, ie we need to run queries on the data and
> download it from the MySQL db to the Access db.
> 4.. We also need to upload any changes we make back up to the MySQL db
> from our Access db at home.
> My problem is this: what is the best way to do this? Do I write a
> download function in ASP pages which are only accessable to the
> adminitrators (ie. me) or do I write an entire system in VB/Access ?
> Also when we wish to upload changes to the MySQL db on the web server,
> do I need to make the changes in the Access db at home, then upload the
> ENTIRE db therefore overwriting the old MySQL db ?  I am sure this is
> not the most effecient way to do it.
> Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions as I would like an opinion
> (and perhaps some examples) of the best way to tackle the problem.
> Thanks in advance.
> Chris
I suggest you look at my site, . This is a web
based wizard that spits out VB and ASP code to access mysql and sqlserver.
If you use the generated classes you will have consistancy between your asp
and vb code. Thus, writing an updater module would be a snap.

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