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From:Christian Mack Date:July 15 1999 9:24pm
Subject:Re: mysqld-nt ?
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My Sql wrote:
>   Hello!  Hope this question is not too dumb.  But i've installed mysqlwin32
> (shareware) and the only mysqld executable i see are mysqld.exe and
> mysqld-opt.exe, no mysqld-nt.exe
>   I am running winNT client edition.  Is the mysqld-nt.exe not included in
> the releases anymore?  I am running mysqld.exe as a service under NT, but I
> keep reading about mysqld-nt.exe and was wondering if that was a more suited
> executable that i should be running.
> Regards,
> Quy Van Luu

Hi Quy

In the released version of mysql for win32 you have mysqld.exe, mysqld-opt.exe and
In the shareware version this last one isn't available.

From the released README file:
There is 3 different SQL servers included with this package:

mysqld		Compiled with full debugging and automatic memory allocation
		checking.  Requires TCP/IP.
mysqld-opt	Optimized for a Pentium processor. Requires TCP/IP.
mysqld-nt	Optimized for a Pentium pro processor. Has support for
		named pipes. One can run this version on Win98, but in
		this case no named pipes are created and one must
		have TCP/IP installed.

Hope this carifies things.


PS: Sorry for the late answer, I was on vacation.

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