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From:Oksana Voloshuk Date:April 26 2013 11:05am
Subject:New Extended Capabilities in Tools for MySQL Server
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Devart Team is glad to announce the release of MySQL Tools for database development and
management which introduces new features as well as performance improvements. 

New extended capabilities of dbForge Query Builder for MySQL v3.0, dbForge Data Compare
for MySQL v4.0, and dbForge Schema Compare for MySQL v3.0 offer users code completion and
formatting features. This functionality allows using comprehensive list of abilities for
quick and easier creation, and data management, comparing and synchronizing data in MySQL

New enhanced tools offer developers extended suggestion lists during the typing of SQL
code and object information on different database objects. Profile formatting capabilities
allow users to create new profiles and edit the existing ones easier than ever.

dbForge Query Builder for MySQL

New version of tool for simpler queries creation and editing now offers users such
improved features as:

  a.. Visual building of DML statements

  Now users can design INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE queries in Query Builder. The type of query
is stated on the diagram surface, and this label allows selecting tables to use in the
query right away.

  b.. Conversion of SELECT queries into INSERT statements.

  c.. One-click conversion of SELECT query into UPDATE or DELETE with saving of WHERE

  d.. Execution of separate subqueries to check their correctness without leaving diagram

  e.. Ability to export query results as well as data directly from a table.

For more information about dbForge Query Builder for MySQL visit product's page - 

dbForge Data Compare for MySQL

Improvements of this powerful tool for comparing and synchronizing MySQL data include
following software features:

  a.. New data comparison reports now contain table data (not just a summary).

  b.. Comparison of custom query results (along with tables and views).

  c.. "One-to-many" objects mapping when addressing columns that were separated as a table
in the target database.

  d.. Possibility to include objects into comparison by mask, which is useful when
comparing groups of tables.

  e.. Full-text data search in comparison results.

  f.. Analysis of comparison results is improved: 'Hide unmodified columns' option,
per-column difference counters are added.

Additional information about new features of dbForge Data Compare for MySQL is available
on overview page. 

For additional information about Devart, visit 

New Extended Capabilities in Tools for MySQL ServerOksana Voloshuk26 Apr