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From:hais Date:October 17 2012 8:14pm
Subject:proper backup on windows platform
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Hello. I am a new user of MySQL and do not know which is the correct group to post this
to. I hope I did not violate protocol by sending it to two groups at once. I am running
MySQL on a Microsoft server 2008R2. I use powershell scripts that execute wbadmin.exe and
make operating system images. I use this method with Microsoft databases that have a
Microsoft VSS writer that puts the database into what I think is called a "consistent
state" for backup. I am ok with not splitting out the MySQL database backup as a separate
data set and am ok with having it be a part of the image I create of the operating system.
If I use a Microsoft "net" command in my script to stop the MySQL service and then perform
an image backup with wbadmin.exe and then start the MySQL service again with a "net"
command, is that an acceptable backup practice? Is this putting the MySQL database in a
consistent state for backup? Thank you for your time and consideration of this matter -
dale haisman

proper backup on windows platformhais17 Oct