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From:Jorge Bastos Date:April 20 2011 1:09pm
Subject:RE: Problem with binary Blobs upon dump / restore
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Do not dump the database.

Login to the Linux machine, stop MySQL, and copy the database directory.
Then on windows to be sure the everything stays OK, run a mysql_upgrade -u
user --password to upgrade/check the tables.

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> Subject: Problem with binary Blobs upon dump / restore
> Hi all :)
> I have a bit of a problem with a MySQL installation on a Win7 machine.
> Technically, it's a 64-Bit installation, but hear me out.
> I'm trying to access binary data that comes from a mysqldump on an
> Ubuntu
> machine, which I'm fairly certain is running a 64 Bit mysqld, and it
> seems
> that the data I get is corrupted if I access either the dump or the
> data
> with a 32 Bit component. Because I'm using Ruby (and Rails), and Ruby
> is
> only available as 32 Bit binary on Windows (and apparently, compiling
> 64 Bit
> binaries is not a solved problem
> yet<
> 628af0efaaae5bd/a50434c33b4634f8>),
> I appear to be stuck with using the 32 Bit libmysql.dll. Attempting to
> compile the 32 Bit Ruby components with a 64 Bit libmysql.dll leads to
> failure, which I meanwhile realize should have been rather obvious to
> me
> from the start (or am I mistaken?).
> Now, what works is:
>    - I can dump the data just fine on the Ubuntu machine, and get it
> back
>    into working order both on a 64 Bit Windows mysqld and on a 64 Bit
> Mac
>    mysqld.
>    - I can retreive the data just fine when using a 64 Bit libmysql (on
> the
>    Mac) from both the 64 Bit Windows mysqld and the 64 Bit Mac mysqld.
> What doesn't work is:
>    - I cannot get the dump back into working order on a 32 Bit Windows
>    mysqld (if I try that, neither a 32 Bit libmysql nor a 64 Bit one
> will be
>    able to retrieve the correct binary data).
>    - I cannot retreive the binary data correctly with a 32 Bit
> libmysql,
>    neither from the 64 Bit Windows mysqld nor the 64 Bit Mac one.
> I verified that this works the same with both UTF8 and Latin1 encodings
> in
> the dump, both explicit and (in the case of UTF8) implicit - I do not
> believe that it is an encoding problem because the 64 Bit libmysql is
> able
> to correctly retrieve data imported from the dump (no corrupted binary
> files). I also checked it with both MySQL 5.1 and 5.5, recompiling the
> Ruby
> accessor gem (and I tried both mysql and mysql2) between versions, and
> I get
> exactly the same behaviour.
> I am not extremely happy with using a 32 Bit libmysql to access a 64
> Bit
> mysqld, can that lead to problems? I do not think that it's the only
> problem
> even if it can be one, as 32 Bit libmysql to 32 Bit mysqld does not
> work
> properly, either (because the 32 Bit mysqld does not appear to be able
> to
> properly import the 64 Bit mysqldump in the first place).
> Interestingly, the
> 64 Bit libmysql (but again, not the 32 Bit libmysql) is able to
> correctly
> retrieve data from a 32 Bit mysqld if I do not let the 32 Bit mysqld
> import
> the data, but copy the InnoDB data files over from a 64 Bit mysqld
> import.
> Any ideas?
> Cheers,
> Guido Gloor

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