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From:Tony White Date:January 10 2010 7:55pm
Subject:RE: How to have one data file per database
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Absolutely possible. You are on the right track with creating a new
service. Bearing in mind that on your dev box you will have to alter the
.ini file of the new service to use a different data directory and a
different port. Sort the errors out on the second instance - bear in
mind that your connection string will have to include the -P option to
specify the new port and you will have what you are trying to achieve.

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Subject: How to have one data file per database

Hi, maybe this is a daft question and I am missing something, but here

I have two applications - app A and app B with two databases - db A and
B. I have a server running and ODBC connections to the two databases. I
run the applications and app A accesses db A and app B access db B. I
need to deploy these two applications to two different users but there
only one ibdata1 file.

Is there a way to keep the two databases apart and have one ibdata1(or
another name) file per database?

I have tried creating a new service pointing to a different ini file
innodb_data_home_dir points to a different location but I just get all
of errors.

I am running MySQL 5.1.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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