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From:Greg Dunko Date:October 1 2009 3:08pm
Subject:DLL plugin on Win32 doesn't log to host.err
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We developed a freetext parser plugin for MySQL as a built-in plugin in preparation for
MySQL's suppot of dynamic plugins on win32.
We just downloaded the 5.1.39 release of MySQL, and converted the plugin to a DLL.  Things
seem to be working fine however the logging that we do to stderr does not wind up in the
HOST.err file in MySQL's data directory.  This was working fine with the built-in plugin
but as a DLL it has failed.

Does anyone know why this might be?  I was starting to question static vs dynamic linking
of the C runtime or differences between what compiler MySQL is built with vs what we have.
 Is there information on these things, as the docs don't seem to mention them and they
could be important.

DLL plugin on Win32 doesn't log to host.errGreg Dunko1 Oct