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From:Malte Andreasson Date:March 18 1999 8:46am
Subject:Newbie create table problem
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I'm just about going nuts here over this problem. I give the command

mysql < skapa.txt

and the file skapa.txt looks like this:

use ecce;
create table hela (
datum date,
kanal tinyint,
vdag tinyint,
tid time,
pgm varchar,
tusen int,
pct float,
man float,
kvinnor float,
iiitvi float,
viitx float,
xitxiv float,
xvtxxiv float,
xxvtxxxix float,
xltlix float,
lxplus float,
xvtxxix float,
xvtxxxiv float,
xvtxliv float,
xvtlix float,
xxvtlix float,
mxvtxxxiv float,
kxvtxxxiv float,
mxvtlix float,
kxvtlix float,
lengd time,
andel float,
vidd float);

It *should* work, in my opinion -- nevertheless, I get parse errors. Anyone
see right away what my problem is?

Newbie create table problem(Malte Andreasson)18 Mar
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