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From:Michael Widenius Date:July 1 1999 6:07pm
Subject:Misc. Problems with indexes
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>>>>> "Ryan" == Ryan Norris <Ryan.Norris@stripped> writes:

Ryan> After a major linux crash, me and my colleagues decided to move our PHP and
Ryan> mySQL stuff over to NT.  it has run stabily thus far.  in order to move the
Ryan> old data off teh old linux server, we actually had to export the tables to
Ryan> ms access and run an access to sql module to put it into something mysql can
Ryan> read.

Ryan> unfortuantely, thsi script seemingly neglected to add that our ID fields
Ryan> were indexed field, and thus all our join queries are stalling mysql.

Ryan> additionally, when we try to index our ID fields, the server hangs when we
Ryan> attempt to change the field properties to NOT NULL.  we are using the
Ryan> shareware version of mysql for win32.  any ideas to aid me in this problem
Ryan> would be helpful.

Ryan> thanks,

Ryan> Ryan Norris / Web Developer
Ryan> Boston Medical Center
Ryan> rynorris@stripped / 617-414-6876 (M & TH)


The solution is to use mysqldump to move the data and not export
them trough Access.  Search after mysqldump in the MySQL manual for
more information!

What exactly happened with your Linux machine;  According to my
experience your are much more likely to loose things on NT than on Linux..
(just curious).

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