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From:Leif Johnston Date:June 28 2008 3:43pm
Subject:RE: Offtopic help
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Hey Jorge - SQL uses a + as a concatenation function so 

Select field3 + ';' field4 from tbl where field1=art1 and field2=arg2;

You will have to work through the details - just watch your comma  placement
since it is easy to screw up and test in the UI first, not code so you can
see results.

Good luck


Leif Johnston
Managing Partner
Technology Catalyst, LLC

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Hi people,

I wounder if anyone can give me a hand.

I want to create a view or function/procedure that returns a string, and
inside that function I have to pass two arguments, and do a SQL statement
like this:


Select * from tbl where field1=art1 and field2=arg2;

Result=concat(field3 ,';')         <= for each record found I need to
concatenate the result, and return it on the end.


How can this be possible?

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