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From:Kevin Hunter Date:June 8 2008 8:46pm
Subject:Re: How to start mysql process on demand?
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At 4:06a -0400 on Sun, 08 Jun 2008, Geoffrey Zhu wrote:
> Here is the situation. The target computer does not need MySQL 90% of the
> time. It is only needed when my program is used. So if there is a way to
> have my program start MySQL on demand, it will be great.

The fact that your program runs only 10% of the time suggests that it
may be only for a single "user" at a time.  Have you considered an
embedded SQL engine?

I surmise that the reason for worrying about MySQL running in the first
place is resource usage, so depending on the SQL feature set your
application actually needs, embedded could be a win, as well as reducing
complexity (no need to worry about starting/stopping/installing/etc
MySQL) by being embedded directly in your application.

You might take a look at SQLite ( or other embedded
SQL engines.  A quick Google brings up

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