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From:saad khan Date:June 3 2008 2:48pm
Subject:how to link ecah field to a database on internet
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hi there
i made a database on diabetes which had many one table consisting of 10
fields on windows
each of these 10 fields have a value which i have taken from different
databases on the internet on my front end i need to give user these fields
so if user clicks on one field it takes him to the respective database page
showing that id .Since i had programmatically made tab seperated files of
these tables
i had not given links i am using wamp server 2 on windows which has MySQL
5.0.51b and php 5.6 on windows
can anyone please tell me how should i give links to each of the fields
Moreover certain fields have more than one comma seperated values i need to
give links to them also
please help
thanking you in anticipation
saad khan

how to link ecah field to a database on internetsaad khan3 Jun