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From:Randy Clamons Date:November 27 2007 10:08pm
Subject:Re: QUERY Structure?
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This has to be a first! I've been watching this forum for some years and 
have never seen John Bonnet give a wrong answer, but this time he 
missed. You have more problems with your query than he outlines. Still, 
"full text index may be more efficient."

The previous three answers are correct. I strongly suggest you RTM.

Randy Clamons
Systems Programming

Bonnett, John wrote:
> Yes that should be OK. You have a superfluous comma just before FROM
> though.
> If you are doing a lot of this a full text index may be more efficient.
> John Bonnett 
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> Subject: QUERY Structure?
> Hello,
> This is not the QUERY, that is a bit longer than this, but the theory is
> the same. Can this be done, if so how should it be structured?
> SELECT id, LEFT(joketext, 20), WHERE jokedate >= "2004-04-17" AND
> joketext LIKE "%chicken%",  FROM joke;
> Kind Regards
> Dave) 
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