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From:Muthukumar Selvarasu Date:November 27 2007 8:29pm
Subject:RE: QUERY Structure?
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Hi Dave,

Well, I think you posted partial query here.

here the syntax to follow simply or you can check the sql manual.

select fields1, fields2, .... fieldsn from table_name  where condition
group by field  order by field limit n,n1

this is standard syntax for simple select, but in mysql 5 select syntax bit
change when you doing multiple table join.

Muthukumar Selvarasu,
Project Manager,
Webmaster Ltd.

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This is not the QUERY, that is a bit longer than this, but the theory is the

same. Can this be done, if so how should it be structured?

SELECT id, LEFT(joketext, 20), WHERE jokedate >= "2004-04-17" AND
joketext LIKE "%chicken%",  FROM joke;

Kind Regards


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