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From:Todd Farmer Date:November 27 2007 5:21pm
Subject:Re: QUERY Structure?
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Hi Dave,

> This is not the QUERY, that is a bit longer than this, but the theory is 
> the same. Can this be done, if so how should it be structured?

If I understand the question right, sure it can be done:

SELECT id, LEFT(joketext, 20) FROM joke WHERE jokedate >= "2004-04-17" 
AND joketext LIKE "%chicken%" ;

The joketext LIKE "%chicken%" condition won't be able to use any indexes 
and could perform pretty slowly.  You might consider looking at 
full-text indexes and search if you can use MyISAM tables:

Obviously, whether or not this is a good option depends on your actual 
query and use cases.

Best regards,

Todd Farmer
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