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From:Jimmy Wu Date:July 17 2007 7:54pm
Subject:Error 2013 when running Configuration Wizard
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I am having a problem with installing MySQL 5.0 Community Edition on a
Windows XP Professional laptop.
The install program itself works, but the configuration wizard that comes up
afterwards doesn't.

In the wizard, I choose all the default settings, and everything goes fine
until the very last window, when it's time to "execute" the settings.  On
the very last step, "Apply Security Settings", the configuration fails, and
a window pops up that tells me Error 2013: Lost connection to the MySQL
server during query.  That is followed by a message telling me to open port
3306 for access on my firewall.

I don't think the firewall is the problem.  I have granted MySQL unlimited
inbound and outbound access.  I have even tried turning the firewall off,
but the configuration won't even work then.  BTW, I use Symantec's Client
Firewall and Antivirus.

I have searched the MySQL documentation and their online forums to little
avail.  It seems many other people have this same problem, but no one knows
how to fix it.  A few have gotten a working system after un-/re-installing,
but I have done that multiple times with both the essential and the complete
packages, and the configuration still won't work.

I really have no idea what to do now, and I would appreciate any help on



Error 2013 when running Configuration WizardJimmy Wu17 Jul