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From:Peter WR Date:July 1 1999 2:14pm
Subject:Re: ASP and mySQL
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I have no problems. I did intensive testing before going bying my license,
but have never meet problems as mentioned.

Probably You have to make a "test-ASP", selecting one table and one coloumn,
se this goes fine. Add one more column, perhaps add some WHERE conditions.

One other way of testing (where I always start), is using MS Access and link
the MySQL tables into Access via ODBC. There You can run the SQL statements
in a database test environment, and see Your SQL gives what is expected.

Best regards

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Subject: ASP and mySQL

>Has anyone succeeded in displaying infos stored in the mySQL DB using
>ASP pages and myODBC ? I can execute the asp page 3 times then IIS
>stops and i have to reboot because my machine slows down so much i
>can't do anything...
>I have NT 4 with SP5 ; 200 Mb of ram; mySQL 3.21 and latest myODBC
>driver. Thank you.
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