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From:Jorge Bastos Date:June 5 2007 11:26am
Subject:Re: InnoDB question
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Gonna read,

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Subject: Re: InnoDB question

> 2007/6/5, Jorge Bastos <mysql.jorge@stripped>:
>> Hi Geoffroy,
>> That may be interesting also.
>> So with that optio, i'll have everything related to one specific 
>> database,
>> on it's directory along with the .frm files from the structure, correct?
> To do so, I have to mix with innodb_data_file_path option
>> I'm looking for this, so that i can "transport" the database as easy as 
>> with
>> MyIsam files.
>> Suposing i'm using one file per table on innodb, i can transport the
>> database just copying the database directory, or there's any information
>> that stay's out of the directory for this database?
> All you need to know is described in section 14.2.9. Moving an InnoDB
> Database to Another Machine and 14.2.8. Backing Up and Recovering an
> InnoDB Database
> Have a good read.
> Geoffroy

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