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From:Peter Baxter Date:April 9 2007 5:06pm
Subject:Can't get mysql connection either
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I am a  newcomer to the list and php/mysql, and fairly novice at programming. 

Something broke my functioning win32 (XP sp2) apache2.2/php5/mysql 5.0 installation
running on localhost.

Two possibilities: 
--rebooting to install latest MS security patch 
--placing into a working script dummy code for logging into mysql on web host account; I
thought it was commented-out, but?.

The first symptom of the problem was an  “undefined function” error on a call to mysq
from that previously working script. All scripts with calls to mysql functions seem to be

At first, I could still access mysql from the command line. Now, I get error 2013(hy000)
“connection was lost during query.”  I can’t connect to 3066 via telnet either.
Phpinfo() does not indicate mysql is loaded.

I’ve studied everything and it seems in order: Apache & Mysql running as services.
Ini files all where they are supposed to be and say what they should. Various components
(dlls, eg) are where they belong. Windows firewall “off”; Norton set to allow 3306.

I have reviewed on-line documentation and FAQ’s, and am stumped. Can anyone help?

P Baxter

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Can't get mysql connection eitherPeter Baxter9 Apr