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From:Jesper Hørup Date:October 25 2006 11:21am
Subject:RE: Win32 dev on two versions of mysql
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As long, only ONE service is running at a time it's ok to use same port.

The database `mysql` are not 100% compatible between 4.0 and 5.0 
So you should use seperate datadirs for each service.

my.cnf could contain:
datdir = path/to/v4data

datdir = path/to/v5data

For installing them use:
c:\path-to-4.0\bin\mysqld.exe --install-manual mysql4
c:\path-to-5.0\bin\mysqld.exe --install-manual mysql5


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And don't forget to run them in diferent ports also.

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> On 10/23/06, Brad <mysql@stripped> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I read the recent thread (Sept) on installing two instances of mysqld
>> and binding them to two different IP addresses, but unfortunately I have
>> to develop on two different versions of MySQL and they both need to work
>> on (localhost)--though not at the same time, of course.
>> What's an easy way to accomplish this, so that I can (quickly, if
>> possible) switch between say, 4.1 and 5.0.23 or whatever and have them
>> both on localhost?  I realize that I can remove the instance of the
>> service on each, in turn, using the MySQL Server Instance Config Wizard,
>> but I'm hoping there's a quicker and easier way to do this than that.
>> Can anyone help out..? I'm sure this isn't too unusual a situation for
>> developers on Windows.
> Simply install manually both versions, giving different names for each
> service, set the service to the "manual" state, so windows will not
> turn it on automatically, then create simple batch files like that:
> net stop mysql4
> net start mysql5
> and another
> net stop mysql5
> net start mysql4
> Place a shortcut on your Desktop and you can quickly switch between 
> versions...
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