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From:Mikhail Berman Date:September 14 2006 8:09pm
Subject:RE: MySQLDump
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In my.cnf there are two sections where max_allowed_packet value can be

One in [mysql] and one in [mysqldump]

Please check where you setting your value, you need [mysqldump] section.

Hoping this helps

Mikhail Berman

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From: Melissa Dougherty [mailto:melissa@stripped] 
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Subject: Re: MySQLDump

I increased the limit to 1gb... but got the same error.  Do you think if
I turned on the general query log it would give anymore info?

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Subject: Re: MySQLDump

>>  I increased the max_allowed_packet variable to 72m from 64m and also
> upped
>> the connect_timeout.  But the dump still error the same way.
>> Melissa
> The manual says:
>      The protocol limits for max_allowed_packet is 16M in MySQL 3.23
>      1G in MySQL 4.0.
> Perhaps I've not been following this thread closely enough, but why
> make it a gigabyte, just as a test??
> -- David

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