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From:Daniel da Veiga Date:July 31 2006 1:49am
Subject:Re: Saving Image in Database [again]
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On 7/30/06, Jay Blanchard <jblanchard@stripped> wrote:
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> Was wondering if I could get a conversation started on the pros/cons of
> database storage verse filesystem
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> There is additional overhead in saving and retrieving images from a
> database typically. Most folks benchmark to see which is faster and more
> efficient on their systems. YMMV.
> BTW, this is a holy war of immense proportions and has been fought on
> many a list. If you will search MySQL lists archives, PHP list archives,
> JAVA archives, etc. you will see many an argument
> for/against/indifferent.

Exactly. The OP may forgive me, but there's really no point in start
ANOTHER discussion about that, that are thousands of tests and
benchmarks all over the web for image storage approuch, and the
pros/cons of each system. Its all a matter of HOW you'll deal with the
images, if they change a lot, if they are accessed a lot, if they're
small, big, if your server is slow/fast, anyway, there are (like most
benchmarks) a high number of variables that affect in a way or another
the performance and what you get from each approuch.

There was a discussion about it high here at MySQL win32 a few weeks
ago, I PERSONALLY have found filesystem storage to be better FOR MY
PARTICULAR systems. But that does not apply to every application, and
could be easily put down for a database storage in the case of, for
example, distributed and integrated editing and retrieval.

So, my advice, analyse WHAT you need, project what you WILL need, and
search the web. That would be the best result you can get.

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