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From:Daniel da Veiga Date:May 11 2006 8:07pm
Subject:Re: Windows of Linux
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On 5/11/06, Armando <dijital@stripped> wrote:
> Not to start a "which is the best distro" discussion, but you should
> really make the choice based on the importance of the system. I'd
> personally choose a reputable and respectable organization which can
> provide you service and support of the distro you install. If it's more
> of a personal choice, well hell go with whatever you see fit, but as
> everyone else says, it's all in the configuration. That's where a
> supportive vendor makes the difference.. they can assist you with
> ensuring it's done right. Cheers.

I used to agree with you, till I go to a big corporation where some
systems MUST run flawless, or if anything happens, at least can be
fixed asap. Most third party enterprises provides support with hours
of delay, wich in my case is just impossible, we need support in the
place of the problem, at the time of the problem and that the support
knows the system enough to diagnostic and fix it. So, the whole corp
took it to a level where right now few of our apps depend on anyone
else besides our own, decentralized TI staff in 9 different geographic

So, if you are going to build a system, know it, from the toolchain to
the last desktop application, so, if it break, you know how to fix it.
This will ensure that no third party will take your job. I even
started runnign Linux at home and at all desktops I've installed for
personal use. Doesn't matter if you run Linux or Windows in this case,
you must know the system like you know your body, to the point where
if the machine makes a different NOISE you can tell what's wrong, OK,
that's a little difficult, but you got the point.

What kept me in my old jobs and at this one too was never say to an
hierarquical superior:

"I don't know how to fix this."

That's the main reason I still kept signing this list, even migrating
all my MySQL servers to Linux. I must keep my knowledge alive, who
knows when I'll have to install a Windows server with MySQL?

Daniel da Veiga
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