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From:Armando Date:May 11 2006 7:51pm
Subject:Re: Windows of Linux
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Not to start a "which is the best distro" discussion, but you should 
really make the choice based on the importance of the system. I'd 
personally choose a reputable and respectable organization which can 
provide you service and support of the distro you install. If it's more 
of a personal choice, well hell go with whatever you see fit, but as 
everyone else says, it's all in the configuration. That's where a 
supportive vendor makes the difference.. they can assist you with 
ensuring it's done right. Cheers.


Jangita wrote:
> Ok im sold to linux
> debian?
> Daniel da Veiga wrote:
>> On 5/11/06, Petr Vileta <petr@stripped> wrote:
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>>> From: "Jangita" <jangita@stripped>
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>>> Sent: Thursday, May 11, 2006 2:10 PM
>>> Subject: Windows of Linux
>>> > Hello all,
>>> >
>>> > Im about to start a service that will be doing about 50 
>>> transactions a day
>>> > so will grow to quite a large size.
>>> >
>>> > i was wondering without considering network security, which backend 
>>> would
>>> > be the best? windows or linux - we have 500 different clients who 
>>> *might*
>>> > all connect at the same time, in addition to the sheer size the 
>>> database
>>> > will grow to...
>>> >
>>> I'm Windows user but for production mysql server I recommend Linux. 
>>> It is
>>> more stable then Windows and require cheaper hardware for the same 
>>> computing
>>> power. And last but not least - Linux do not know what is the virus :-)
>>> Petr Vileta, Czech republic
>> I agree with Petr, Windows is not so bad (I'm a Linux user and a
>> Windows gamer) but can't be considered (and I tried all versions)
>> stable enough for a production environment (IMHO, please no flames as
>> I'm not saying this because I hate Microsoft or anything, its just MY
>> SINGLE experience in many computing labs).
>> I have a Pentium 100 with 48MB of RAM running Linux and mirroring a
>> production server with 5 giant databases and thousands of daily
>> queries. Can Windows do that?
>> Anyway, MySQL is so portable that for many years I developed and
>> tested applications at Windows and then ported it with NO EFFORT at
>> all to my production Linux server, and even have run a Windows server
>> for a few months, MySQL is pretty stable and any problems should come
>> from the OS, so, stick with what you think is more stable and less
>> likely to error out.
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