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From:Daniel da Veiga Date:May 11 2006 3:07pm
Subject:Re: Windows of Linux
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On 5/11/06, Petr Vileta <petr@stripped> wrote:
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> Subject: Windows of Linux
> > Hello all,
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> > Im about to start a service that will be doing about 50 transactions a day
> > so will grow to quite a large size.
> >
> > i was wondering without considering network security, which backend would
> > be the best? windows or linux - we have 500 different clients who *might*
> > all connect at the same time, in addition to the sheer size the database
> > will grow to...
> >
> I'm Windows user but for production mysql server I recommend Linux. It is
> more stable then Windows and require cheaper hardware for the same computing
> power. And last but not least - Linux do not know what is the virus :-)
> Petr Vileta, Czech republic

I agree with Petr, Windows is not so bad (I'm a Linux user and a
Windows gamer) but can't be considered (and I tried all versions)
stable enough for a production environment (IMHO, please no flames as
I'm not saying this because I hate Microsoft or anything, its just MY
SINGLE experience in many computing labs).

I have a Pentium 100 with 48MB of RAM running Linux and mirroring a
production server with 5 giant databases and thousands of daily
queries. Can Windows do that?

Anyway, MySQL is so portable that for many years I developed and
tested applications at Windows and then ported it with NO EFFORT at
all to my production Linux server, and even have run a Windows server
for a few months, MySQL is pretty stable and any problems should come
from the OS, so, stick with what you think is more stable and less
likely to error out.

Daniel da Veiga
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