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From:Jorge Bastos Date:April 20 2006 10:56pm
Subject:Fw: Resources required for MySQL 5.1 on Win2k Server
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How big is the data in your application?
I'd say that that is enough in hardware.
Don't forget to configure in my.cnf:

# Try number of CPU's*2 for thread_concurrency
thread_concurrency = 2
(my case, 1 CPU, then = 2)

in your case'll be "thread_concurrency = 4"

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Subject: Resources required for MySQL 5.1 on Win2k Server

> We've been running MySQL 3.23 for several years using only MyISAM tables.
> I'd like to install MySQL 5.1 on another server with the same specs as the
> one currently running 3.23.  The 3.23 server will need to continue running
> for a legacy application that can't be upgraded, but I'd like to move most
> of our other application data from 3.23 MyISAM to 5.1 InnoDB tables.  The
> servers are dual PIII 1.26 GHz, with 2GB of ram and the current server
> handles the load with no problems.  Would running 5.1 with InnoDB tables
> require much more in the way of server resources?
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Fw: Resources required for MySQL 5.1 on Win2k ServerJorge Bastos21 Apr