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From:Michael Louie Loria Date:March 24 2006 12:34am
Subject:Re: MySQL OLE DB
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There's no need to bash

Pentium 3 with 512MB memory with CDROM
OS: Windows 2003  Language: Visual Basic 6 service pack 6 MDAC 2.8

Error Message
Run-time error '-2147467259 (800004005)';
Unspecified error

and clicking the Debug button would point to the connection string

Connection String
strconn =

Error Message
I copied libmysql.dll and Myprov.dll provided by MyOLEDB to the
application path.

Here's the README.txt of MyOLEDB

3. Getting Started

Step 1. Download installation package, compile and install it on your

Step 2. Find out the MySQL server  name and name of database you are
going to
use. OLE DB / ADO connection parameters will be:

 Provider:    MySQLProv
 Data Source:


 Provider:    MySQLProv
 Location:    server_name
 Data Source: database_name
 User:        user_name
 Password:    password

Default value 'localhost' (local computer) is used server_name is not
Empty strings are default values for database_name, user_name and password.
You may be not able to connect if you didn't specify the value.
Default value (3306) is used if port_number is omitted. Usually it's OK.

You may mix first and second ways to pass connection data, but it is not
recommended; In that case, you have to pass a parameter only once.

Step 3. Now you can use OLEDB provider against this database. E.g. using
Visual Basic ADO etc.

Mekaniko ka yata

SGreen@stripped wrote:
> Michael Louie Loria <mlloria@stripped> wrote on 03/23/2006 03:55:26 AM:
>> > yes
>> >
>> > search for "myoledb"
>> Do you have a connection string for myoledb?
>> I have checked these but it doesn't work
>> Michael Louie Loria
>> LoRz Technology Solutions
> <groan!!!>
> Yet another "but it doesn't work" response. This is practically useless
> to help us diagnose any problem you may be having. I could stick a key
> in a car's ignition and turn it. If the engine doesn't start should I
> just email a mechanic and say "it doesn't work" and expect a response
> with instructions describing how to get the car working? Those of use on
> this list can be compared to mechanics in the DB world. Until we
> understand the issue, we have no chance of helping you through it.
> We need to know what you have (hardware and OS), what version(s) you are
> using (client and server), what you have tried (actual code snippets
> work very well), and what error messages (if any) you are getting in
> response to your efforts.  Help us to help you.
> Respectfully,
> Shawn Green
> Database Administrator
> Unimin Corporation - Spruce Pine

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