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From:Michael Widenius Date:March 18 1999 3:39am
Subject:TCP/IP protocol
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>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Lang <mlcc@stripped> writes:

Michael> I've been test driving mySQL through the C API calls with good success.
Michael> Since I am not using C or C++ as my development environment, I'm having to
Michael> go through the libmysql.dll to "speak" to mySQL.

Michael> I have some experience with writing TCP/IP applets and would like to speak
Michael> directly to mySQL (thus bypassing the DLL).  Is there any documentation for
Michael> writing such low level communication libraries?  After all, somebody had to
Michael> write libmysql.dll and the JDBC drivers!


What would you gain by going directly to the MySQL server ?

For which language do you need this ?

For the moment, the only documentation of the protocol can be found
in the MySQL mail archive and by examine the client/libmysql.c and
client/net.c source.

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