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From:Ken Resander Date:January 15 2006 11:08pm
Subject:Re: insert images in MYSQL 5.0
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This is something that I also need to do.

I have tried bindparam and a parameterized insert, but the program
crashed. I reported this as a bug #16064 Parameterized
insert with big data causes data corruption and syntax error.
Goto mysql bugs ODBC connector section and see what I did.

Vasily Kishkin has verified that there is a problem with parameterized
insert, but I don't know what he found, or if the bug fix will enable
huge data to be passed to the ODBC driver.

This is a problem for me too, so would be grateful for advice or
alternative ways.

Best regards
Ken Resander

Re: insert images in MYSQL 5.0Ken Resander16 Jan