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From:Joe's Mail Date:December 29 2005 11:15am
Subject:AW: Error 1067
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Hi James,

Could there be a problem with the white-spaces in the path-names or so ?
>Where is you're my.ini installed?
The my.ini file ist in the installation-directory C:\Programme\MySQL\MySQL
Server 5.0 .

>What settings do you have in this my.ini?
I have installed the server with the setup-wizard and configured it with the

# The TCP/IP Port the MySQL Server will listen on
basedir="C:/Programme/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.0/"
datadir="C:/Programme/MySQL/MySQL Server 5.0/Data/"

>Do you also have a my.cnf file?
No I don't have

>Ensure you only have one copy, and ideally it should be in your Apache/Bin
Why should it be in the apache-dir ?


James Friesen, CIO

Lucretia Enterprises
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Info at lucretia dot ca

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> Subject: Error 1067
> Hi at all,
> I have problem to start the MySql-Server as a service under
> Windows XP-Home.
> The installation was sucessfully finished but when I will
> start the server as a service, it will termiated with the error 1067.
> Does anybode know what will going wrong ?
> t.i.a
> Joe
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