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From:Jorge Bastos Date:December 9 2005 3:37pm
Subject:Fw: I can't start mysql from the windows command line
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Do you have c:\windows\my.ini file with the default values set?


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On 12/9/05, Patrice Serrand <Patrice.Serrand@stripped> wrote:
> Hello,
> Mysql is running on Windows 98 SE.
> With previous versions of mysql I can start mysql from the command line 
> with:
> C:\> C:Mysql\bin\mysqld
> Now with version 5.0.16 this command don't start mysql and I can't use 
> "net start ..." with windows 98.
> The command C:\> C:Mysql\bin\mysqld --defaults-file="..." don't start 
> mysql.

The new versions of MySQL install at


Not at C:\MySQL

> All commands return : "[Error] Can't find messagefile 'C:\Program 
> Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5.0\share\english\errmsg.sys'"

You're probably trying to run an old version that its searching for
libraries and trying to use the new ones (not very good).

> I checked this file : errmsg.sys exists in C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL 
> Server 5.0\share\english.
> The same thing occurs if I add the MySQL path in Autoexec.bat.
> thanks for your help.
> NB: Here is my my.ini:

<snip a whole my.ini full of comments from an older version and with
no useful info>

> Patrice

Try running:

"C:\Program Files\MySQL\MySQL Server 5\bin\mysqld.exe"

from command line...

If that fails, backup your data from the old mysql and remove any
traces from mysql on your system, follow the upgrade guide, there are
issues between versions.

If you never used or has no useful data on your mysql, remove it and
follow the install guide at the Manual.

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