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From:<jbonnett Date:November 16 2005 10:12pm
Subject:RE: DAO with mysql 5.0
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I think you can just write

    Set recsetEmployees =
dbEmployees.OpenRecordset("Select * from employees where age > 30",

It looks like you are using a data control. I find them more trouble
than they are worth, except for very simple database access. They are
good for beginners and allow you to get something going quickly but you
soon grow out of them when you try to do anything more complicated.

John B.

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Subject: DAO with mysql 5.0

I am using the following code

  Set dbEmployees = OpenDatabase("", dbDriverComplete,

    Set Data1.Recordset = recsetEmployees 

is there anyway to have a DAO recordset that i can
define the sql? 

i.e. "Select * from employees where age > 30"



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