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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 29 1999 9:08pm
Subject:Problem with Left Join - Shareware Version
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>>>>> "Ryan" == Ryan Norris <Ryan.Norris@stripped> writes:

Ryan> I'm using teh shareware win32 version of mysql on win nt 4, sp 4.  when i
Ryan> run the query below, the server hangs and times out eventually.  i see no
Ryan> blatent errors in the sql i am coding.  are there any known issues with the
Ryan> elements of eth code below on NT?  it runs just fine on Linux 5.2

Ryan> ELECT * from directory, employee_divisions
Ryan>   LEFT JOIN divisions on
Ryan> divisions.fldDivisionID=employee_divisions.fldDivisionID
Ryan>   LEFT JOIN programs on
Ryan> programs.fldProgramID=employee_divisions.fldProgramID
Ryan>   WHERE ((directory.ID=employee_divisions.fldEmployeeID)
Ryan>   AND employee_divisions.fldPrimary='Y')
Ryan>   ORDER by last_name, first_name;


I don't know of any problems with LEFT JOIN with the shareware
version, but on the other hand, there has been some small fixes in the 
LEFT JOIN code after the shareware version was relesed.

What do you get if you you try do an EXPLAIN of the above query ?

Problem with Left Join - Shareware VersionRyan Norris29 Jun
  • Problem with Left Join - Shareware VersionMichael Widenius30 Jun