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From:Kris Bekkers Date:October 27 2005 12:09pm
Subject:RE: Too Slow Speed
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I also found out that some virus-scanner could interfere with the speed.
If anny scanner used - try disabeling the scanning from the data-directory and the
temp-directory (tmpdir in the config file)
At least, it gave a performance boost of about 150% at my develloping machine.


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On 10/27/05, vishal <vishal@stripped> wrote:
> Respected Sit / Madam,
> I was motivated by your site and much inspired to convert my software from
> Microsoft Access To MySQL. But when I implement it there was a problem with

Wise choice.

> MySQL about speed matters. Here by I have attached a code which represents
> the timing taken to store the 500 records both in Access and MySQL.

Couldn't see the attachment (better, couldn't find any useful info on
them) and ignored the 4 copies of this email you sent us.

> It might be my mistake but please inform us whatever the solutions may be or
> not.

OK, so, you're using ODBC, MyODBC 3.51 (latest, I belive), and
connecting to localhost (since you mentioned no details of your
connections, I believe it is local). Well, that's not much info so its
hard to help you, as you can see if you test the queries using the
console, MySQL is fast and reliable. I used ODBC with ADO objects in
VB using remote connections and it was pretty fast, even across long
distances, so, its probably the configuration of your server or the
way you're sending queries.

> Thanking You and Congratulation for a Great Revolution over the field of
> Eagerly waiting for your solution to implent the MySQL.
> Details for the Test :
> Platform : Windows 2003 Server
> Langauage : Visual Basic 6.0 (SP 5)
> Connectivity : MySQL 3.5

What can I say?! Test for DNS resolution tries, check your config file
for network related issues, like bind-address and resolving. Test
connections and check (this was Shawn tip) if you're not openning and
closing the connection for each insert.

Give us more info and you'll get more feedback I'm sure.

Good luck,

Daniel da Veiga
Computer Operator - RS - Brazil
Version: 3.1
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