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From:Jan Theodore Galkowski Date:October 20 2005 4:02pm
Subject:Re: Spatial Extension on Windows
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Ah, Graham, that's too bad.

Yes, then the right thing to do is perform the calculations outboard,
perhaps not even using MySQL's stored procedures.  However, even without
them, many spatial calculations can be preconditioned for speed by using
several auxiliary tables.


BTW, is this spatial extension a MySQL MyISAM innovation, an InnoDB
innovation, or something else?

 - Jan

On Thu, 20 Oct 2005 12:49:07 +0100, "Graham Reeds"
<grahamr@stripped> said:
>  From what I can work out, the spatial extensions are very immature - 
> sort of like Oracle Spatial 1 (8i) compared to Oracle Spatial 2 (9i).
> Where I used to work had to make a choice between OS1 and going with 
> Oracle normal.  In the end we went with Oracle normal and doing the 
> spatial calculations with stored procedures instead.
> I've been out of the company now for over a year so I don't know if they 
> have switched across to the latest Spatial (was it updated for 10?) but 
> with 7.5TB of data I would doubt it very much.
> Which leads me to something else - no one has mentioned that doing a 
> 50km "circle" for searches won't produce an exact circle, more of an egg 
> shape, but since you are interested in precision (we used to work to 
> centimetre precision) a couple of hundred metres here and there won't 
> make much difference.
> G.
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