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From:Jorge Bastos Date:October 7 2005 3:02pm
Subject:Fw: Time data type.
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maybe a new option from the new MyODBC

i remember os something like this... don't if it help...

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Subject: Time data type.

We just upgraded  MyODBC 3.51.6 to MyODBC 3.51.11 on our Windows 2000 
server.  Since doing so, our ado connections in our ASP pages long longer 
returns a time value for any values stored as a Time data type. I have a 
table that stores an employee's start and end times, but when ado returns a 
recordset, the value for the start and end column times are blank.  Is this 
a known issue with the 3.51.11 driver? If so, how can I correct it. This is 
a production problem, so I would appreciate all prompt replies. Thanks.

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Fw: Time data type.Jorge Bastos7 Oct