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From:Daniel da Veiga Date:October 6 2005 3:15pm
Subject:Re: How to upgrade to 5.0.13-rc
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You must follow a sequence in order to avoid problems, there's no way
to jump from 3 to 5, in fact, you should (at least the manual say so)
upgrade to 4, then 4.1 (major changes and scripts to fix database) and
then to 5. Keep in mind that version 5 is NOT stable, it is for
testing features, kinda beta, and 4.1 is still the recommended version
for production systems.

The essential package is an MSI installer that provides you a wizard
to configure MySQL (IMHO it shouldn't exist, makes people think that
they don't need any knowledge in order to use a database server) and
all you need to run the server, along with the client to access it,
the other package comes with all, source, libraries, everything needed
for developers, and you have this zipped version that comes with no
wizard, the program itself and all the stuff, so you can unzip it,
configure it (by hand) and use (thanks to the AB Team for keeping this
one alive).

Good luck,

On 10/6/05, edwin <edwinmln@stripped> wrote:
> Hi, I'm using mysql database that come with PHP Triad
> (runing on Windows environtment), and mysql version
> is: 3.23.47-nt.
> I want to upgrade to 5.0.13-rc, can anyone tell how to
> do it? I have checked Mysql website the reference only
> have upgrade from 3.23 to 4.0.
> And i want to know what the differences between:
> Windows essential, windows (x86) and without installer
> in  windows download section?
> Hope to hear from all you soon.
> Regards
> Edwin
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