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From:Marcel Forget Date:October 6 2005 12:13am
Subject:Re: backup
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You can use %date% to retrieve the date so "dump_%date%.sql" would yield
today dump_2005-10-05.sql

One caveat, make sure you change your short date format to yyyy-MM-dd to
make this work.


jbonnett@stripped wrote:

>I backup a MySQL database like this.
>I run a Windows batch file that contains
>The file contains
>/cygdrive/C/Program\ Files/MySQL/MySQL\ Server\ 5.0/bin/mysqldump.exe -a
> -h<host> --opt -u<user> -p<password> -P3306 -rpedump.sql
> <database>
>/cygdrive/C/Util/pkzip -a expdump$(/cygdrive/C/cygwin/bin/date +%G%m%d).zip
> pedump.sql
>/cygdrive/C/cygwin/bin/rm pedump.sql
>You will need to change the things in <> to match your settings.
>I am actually running bash from cygwin just so I can create a file name with the date
> embedded in it. I could not find a simple way to do that in Windows.
>The important bit is running mysqldump.
>mysqldump.exe -a -h<host> --opt -u<user> -p<password> -P3306
> -rpedump.sql <database>
>Pkzip just makes the dump file much smaller so that I can keep several backups. 
>John B.
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>Do you know where could I find info about mysqlbackup script to run it in a
>Win2000 server?
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