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From:Jorge Bastos Date:August 27 2005 11:16am
Subject:Creating TMP table problem
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I'm having a problem with a w3k srv machine, i have several other equal to this one, and
this problem only happens on this one.
Some process in my application creates a temporary table, and mysql takes about 2 minutes
to complete it, on other machines takes about 2 secunds, when i do a "show processlist"
mysql tells me that he is coping to the tmp table, but it seams hanged in there, and if i
check the system processlist, the mysqld-nt.exe is taking about 50% of the system
Below i've pasted a copy of the mysql "show processlist"

| Id | User    | Host           | db        | Command | Time | State    | Info            
| 44 | neotrix | localhost:2033 | bombeiros | Query   |   17 | Copying to tmp table |
SELECT t1.*,concat(t1.numero,'/',t1.serie) as numser,  if(t1.des1=0, t1.des2, t1.des1) as
quantidade |

I've installed the mysql service with the following command ("mysqld-nt --install MySQL
--skip-name-resolve"), to prevent dns resolution, i've thinked it could be that, but it

Creating TMP table problemJorge Bastos27 Aug