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From:Michael Widenius Date:June 27 1999 8:24pm
Subject:Evaluation problems (was: Re: Need some beguinners help!)
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>>>>> "Oliver" == Oliver Bentler <oliver.bentler@stripped>
> writes:

Oliver> Hi!
Oliver> Christian Mack schrieb:
>> > I need(!) to install MySql to a different directory and to have it run
>> > as a NT-service but I gave up.
>> > - If run as a service it cannot find its base-directory and I cannot
>> > pass these parameters
>> In fact you can, but you would have to set the parameters each time you start
> mysql by hand in the SCM window.

Oliver> True but since this cannot be done automatically it's no solution. "Net
Oliver> start" does not accept parameters for a service.

>> The configuration file C:\my.cnf works only in 3.22.xx releases.
>> So you are out of luck here, because the shareware version is 3.21.29

Oliver> Why isn't there a version for evalution which supports those needs?
Oliver> I can't understand the makers of MySql here. If a possible costumers
Oliver> spends (more or less) valueable time on evaluating this SQL-server
Oliver> he/she should be convinced of that product but by giving these
Oliver> installation-problems customers get spoiled by MySql. Another point is
Oliver> that the documentation on these issues is really poor for the
Oliver> Win32-platform. Why don't they release the current release as the
Oliver> eval-version. They may limit the database-size to 1 GB or the number of
Oliver> simultanous users to 5 instead.

Oliver> Any comments from the MySql product-managers?

The reason for not having the newest MySQL-Win32 version available is
that currently only 0.5 % of the MySQL-Win32 users pays for using MySQL-Win32.
If we would provide a newer version, we think that the revenue we get
from the Win32 version would drop so much that we can't afford to
support it!

In most cases shareware version is usually good enough to test that
MySQL works.  For testing it's not a big problem to have to install
MySQL on C:!

Oliver> (Though I am not a regular customer - but how will I ever buy MySql if
Oliver> having v3.21xx for eval-purposes?)

As the price of MySQL-Win32 is only about $200 USD, (which includes upgrades),
it shouldn't be that big a problem to get pay for it and use the
newest version in your evaluation.  If you find that MySQL doesn't
work for you, we will of course refund your money!

Oliver> Bye - Oliver


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