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From:Graeme St.Clair Date:February 19 2005 5:12am
Subject:Re: Installing MYSql from CD
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I have the very same book, but I didn't get in trouble (well, not much...) 

Don't confuse your Windoze pswds with MySQL pswds - they have nothing to do 
with each other.  MySQL comes wide open to malefactors, and one of the first 
things you need to is close it up a bit.  I think you'll find that you can 
log on by navigating (in a DOS window) to wherever you installed MySQL, most 
likely something like C:\MySQL\bin.  Then type 'mysql -u root -p' and just 
hit Enter at the prompt.  You should be in, and allowed to do most anything.

If that doesn't work, the main thing that gets a lot of people in trouble is 
not installing MySQL server as a Windoze service.  RTFM!  It's a good manual 
(and I am a severe critic).  Go to and pick the 
"Developer Zone" tab.  Download the doc in whatever format turns you on and 
READ.  Particularly the sections on configuring your system immediately 
after installation.

Speaking personally, I have never bothered with mysqladmin.

Really not harassing you, HTH, rgds, G.

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> Dear Sir/Madam:
> Could you please help me. I bought the test PHP, MySql and Apache by Julie 
> C. Meloni ISBN: 0-672-32725-2 and I'm already in trouble.
> p. 13 of the referenced text:
> "Once the installation program has finished, open up the file explorer to 
> C;\mysql\bin (if you changed the installation location previously, this 
> will be relative to the folder you selected) and run winmysqladmin.exe. 
> The application will be using the MySql default username (test) and 
> password (test).
> Unfortunately I could not get a response when I used those two terms. So I 
> logged on as "Administrator" with my system password (ie the one I 
> selected after reformatting my hard drive last.
> It seemed to accept the Administrator "password" as selected by no icon 
> ever appeared in the system tray. Therefore I'm at my wits end. Could you 
> email me a reply to this dilemma?
> Also do you have any support with a toll-free number? I'm anxious to 
> install all applications so that I can get started.
> Thank you very much,
> I'm really looking forward to using PHP, MySql and Apache.
> Yours truly,
> Steven N. Morgan_2901@stripped      [ph/fx: 979-778-2901]

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