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From:Greg Quinn Date:January 19 2005 5:43pm
Subject:Re : illegal characters in sql?
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Hi Mark,

I used Visual Basic as well with MYSQL, the only way I managed to escape \ 
and ' characters was with a function like this...

Value = Replace(Value , "'", "''")
Value = Replace(Value , "\", "\\")

Funny enough, replacing ' with \' Didn't work for me as others have 

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From: Mark Mchugh <mark_mch@stripped>
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Sent: 1/19/2005 6:38:09 PM
Subject: illegal characters in sql?

I am getting a syntax error using the following sql
from within a visual basic project,

sqlstr = "update policies set dirs = 'z:\' where id =

i cant see what is wrong, can somebody help?

thanks in advance 

Re : illegal characters in sql?Greg Quinn19 Jan