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From:Eduardo Silva Date:August 6 2004 11:40am
Subject:RE: command buffer win98
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I haven't tried it lately but I never managed to use doskey with MySQL in 
Win98. You have another alternative, mysqlc.exe, present in \mysql\bin. It 
allows you to manage your last MySQL commands in the session.


>From: Joshua Eddy <jeddy@stripped>
>To: "win32@stripped" <win32@stripped>
>Subject: RE: command buffer win98
>Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2004 10:06:50 -0500
>Doskey is included in the Windows 98 installation.  The make it available 
>you need to type "doskey" in the command prompt to load it into memory.  Or 
>you can put this line in your autoexec.bat so it automatically loads and is 
>also available:
>Loadhigh C:\Windows\Command\
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>		> Hello all,
>		> I've installed MySQL Server and Client 3.23.58 on a win98
>		> system. It runs
>		> stable, but there is no command buffer (history buffer). Any
>		> suggestions?
>		> Jan
>		Switch to Windows 2000 or XP so you do have a command buffer?  You could
>		also use a utility or shell of some sort, but that's not something I
>		know much about.
>		-Kevin
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